Local Woman Confirms Late Husband Reincarnated In Body Of Newly Purchased Puppy


SPEAKING at length to friends, family and anyone else who will listen, a 61-year-old widower has confirmed that the soul of her deceased husband now resides in the body of a 3-month-old Yorkshire terrier.

Grace O’Mulhearney has shared with countless people the news that despite her husband passing away 2 years ago, he has made a surprise return to Earth in the form a dog who “enjoys talking just as much as Richard did”.

“Look it, could be a psychotic episode, but I want an easy life so I’m not going to be the one to tell her that there’s not a fucking chance her husband is back. And he most certainly wasn’t the one who shat in my garden this morning, that was a dog,” confirmed next door neighbour Nuala Ferriter.

With varying degrees of unease, friends and family close to Mrs. O’Mulhearney have smiled politely and nodded along as she detailed the ways in which ‘Richard’ is full of beans and always barking something at her about that time the couple holidayed in the Caribbean.

“He’s a divil is Richard, and he’s mad for Eastenders, but God, I couldn’t get him to watch it when he was sitting in that chair back when,” O’Mulhearney shared with her daughter Carol, who wasn’t touching this with a barge pole.

“She seems happy enough, so I’ll be keeping my mouth shut. Is it odd that she’s regularly chatting to the terrier like it’s my dad? Christ, yes, but it’s less effort is we just say nothing,” Carol explained to WWN.