Rural Broadband Delayed Until Government Can Remember Wifi Password


THE government has today reluctantly announced a delay in the roll out of their rural broadband network, admitting they will not make the initial deadline after misplacing the Wifi password for the Leinster House network.

“No, you don’t understand. We don’t have the password to our internet, so how will we get any of that internet to the countryside if we’re locked out of our internet. We’ll just have to cancel any plans for the time being,” shared Minister for Communications Denis Naughten with the customer care team at Eir, whose patience was wearing thin.

Speaking to WWN after putting Eir on hold for 14 hours for a change, Minister Naughten intimated that without the Wifi password to all of Ireland’s internet, which he confirmed was in the box under his arm, rural broadband rollout targets would not be met.

“Let’s just say if you plan on dying before you hit 150 years of age, you won’t be part of the great rural broadband generation, but how we’re supposed to remember a 6 letter password is beyond me. Could happen to anyone,” Naughten added.

“I fuckin’ told those clowns, just make it ‘password’ but would they listen?” shared the Eir technician who only installed a new router recently after the cabinet destroyed the existing one after it mistakenly made several TDs’ computers look up pornography against their will.

Meanwhile, rural Ireland celebrated the news, stating “well, at least their talking about us”.