Inside The Glitz & Glamour At The Opening Of Roscommon’s First Food Bank!


A STAR STUDDED event, the likes of which Roscommon had never seen before and will likely never see again. Black tie, heels, floor length gowns, it was of course the glitzy opening of Roscommon’s first food bank.

“It’s a great turn out, isn’t it? Such a wonderful thing to get behind and support, it’s nice to know someone is trying to sort this out, and sure it saves the government a few extra euro we can put to fight getting €13 billion back from Apple in unpaid taxes,” beamed Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as he engaged in a rare photo opportunity.

The country’s great and good, and politicians were out in force to share in a joyous and celebration-worthy milestone which highlights the continued progress Ireland makes as the 2008 crash is but a mere memory with no lasting consequences for society whatsoever.

The food bank is the brain child of one concerned local man, now teaming up with the Family Resource Centre in Boyle, who has seen first hand the struggles of families to afford the basics such as food after paying mounting bills, rent or mortgage payments.

But, there’s no reason why an opening of a food bank need to serve as a sobering reminder that much of the country is struggling to feed themselves and their children so WWN Viral invited along good looking people who can get this sort of thing into newspapers if they pose and smile for photos just right.

“Aw, God, some of the food is to die for, a lot of the people don’t realise how lucky they are which reminds me of how great and slimming FitTea is,” remarked one woman claiming to be an online influencer who appeared to be made up of make up, hair, gym selfies and confusing inspirational quotes.

In between the queue of people seeking food, we got to shove them out of the way to chat with some real people like that lad who posts videos of himself online, who could say absolutely anything, and it will get more coverage than news that volunteers are working around the clock to ensure people can eat.

“Great to be here, not sure what’s going on and I know you didn’t ask, but yeah everything is going really well for me at the minute. I’ve a new cook book, exercise, flat pack furniture instruction book out soon. Selfie time?” said your man whose name we’ve forgotten, but you know, he’s gas.

WWN Viral does not gush over big celebrity events lightly, but this might have been the night of the year so far if the selfies seen on various social media accounts are anything to go by.

We confess the presence of people in need did little to take the sheen off the night but to view a full gallery of photos of all the glamorous celebs click HERE.