Liam Neeson Officially Enters ‘I Don’t Give A Shit Anymore’ Phase Of Career


HOLLYWOOD legend Liam Neeson has officially confirmed that after a spate of action movies he has fully committed to the ‘I don’t give a shit anymore’ phase of his career.

Neeson is going down a similar path to other acting legends such as Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and hundreds of others after he discovered that turning up on set for Action Man Gun Shoot Shoot and not really bothering to put the effort in will still earn him millions of dollars.

“After doing Silence last year with Martin Scorsese I had a choice; to continue going through hell to connect with the characters I play to produce stirring performances I’ve been known for, or play Johnny Hitman in a movie where I get to shoot a bunch of Russian gangsters while in the middle of an underwater threesome with two models,” Neeson explained at a press conference he called to make his announcement.

While Neeson’s action man phase of his career proved to be a gateway to fully checking out and just taking the money, his decision has had no ill-effect on his reputation with film fans and critics alike still declaring they are big fans.

“It’s actually been a dream of mine to see Liam in a movie where he wrestles an octopus into submission while left stranded on the moon by a nefarious Mexican drug cartel seeking revenge against him. Fingers crossed we’re one step closer to this after today’s announcement,” shared Neeson fanboy Daniel Day Lewis.