26-Year-Old Local Man Disappointed With Easter Egg From Parents


ONE WATERFORD man is said to be considerably irritated and disappointed by this year’s haul of Easter eggs gifted to him by his parents, WWN has learned.

Brian Kleenan, a grown man of 26, descended on his parent’s house this Sunday in Dunmore with the sole purpose of collecting what he had hoped were several intimidatingly large chocolate eggs.

“What the fuck is this,” Kleenan said to himself after being handed the smallest version of a Mini Eggs egg that was available on the Irish Easter egg market.

Kleenan, who has held down a well paid job for 7 years and has the means to buy himself as many Easter eggs as he can consume, found himself in a dour mood following the gifting of the Easter egg by his parents Liam and Shona.

“This is bullshit. I let last year slide when they got me the Creme Egg one that only had the two Creme Eggs with it, not the four. But, fuck sake, the size of this thing. It’s tiny, I’ll have it eaten in three bites,” Kleenan added, visibly sulking.

Liam and Shona remain unaware of their eldest child’s conniption fit despite Kleenan’s best efforts to give voice to his disappointment.

“No, hang on, where’s the measuring tape,” demanded Kleenan as he took to comparing the size of his egg with his three other siblings, in between suppressing the urge to cry.