Digicel To Cut 25% Of Workforce As Denis O’Brien Focuses On Litigation Full Time


BILLIONAIRE Denis O’Brien’s telecommunications outfit Digicel have announced a 25% cut in their total global workforce as the company attempts to restructure and dedicate resources to allowing O’Brien pursue litigation on a full time basis.

“It’s not just civil cases he enjoys, Denis wants to see what else is out there in the world of planning permission appeals, disputes over patents, there’s just so much to experience, but resources are needed to back such efforts,” a source claiming to know the billionaire, shared with WWN.

Legal experts have confirmed that it is hard for individuals to sue people around the clock, 24/7 if they also pursue other interests.

“My advice to anyone seeking to turn suing into a full time job is to reduce your exposure in other areas to really allow your litigating talents to flourish,” shared one barrister WWN spoke to, “got another job elsewhere? You might have to quit it if suing is your true passion”.

Digicel’s job loss announcements come after a failed IPO attempt last year, which was ultimately withdrawn by O’Brien.

Irish legal professionals have admitted that if the rumours of O’Brien shifting focus to just spending his time in the courts is true, they may just buy that new car, start building that extension to their kitchen and finally go on that dream holiday.