Leinster To Be Renamed Dublin


STARTING in 2018, the province of Leinster is to undergo a complete rebranding, and is expected to be known simply as ‘Dublin’ from 2019 onwards.

The decision to rename a quarter of the country as Dublin comes following a new report that states almost half of the countries economic growth is emanating from Dublin, with the surrounding counties becoming little more than satellite towns to the capital itself.

With the ‘Dublin city region’ now sprawling from Gorey to Dundalk, officials see no reason to retain the illusion that Leinster is a province made up of separate counties, and have pulled the trigger on a scheme that will see new postcodes implemented by this time next year, followed by changes to road signage and sports teams.

“So for example, Drogheda will now become Dublin 37,” said a spokesperson for the project.

“Things like that. Dublin will win the Leinster championship every year, except it’ll be called the Dublin championship and they’ll win by default cos there’s no other counties. Estate agents will be able to stop saying that houses in Navan are ‘in driving distance to Dublin’; they’ll actually be in Dublin. Taking your child to a hospital in Dublin won’t seem so bad, because even though you’re in Carlow, technically you’ll be in Dublin”.

“And of course, house prices will soar across the region, once they get ‘Dublin’ in the address line. It’s great news for everyone in Leinster! Maybe not for the rest of the country, but let’s face it, those lads were always going to be ignored no matter what”.