WWN Reviews: The New IRA


WWN REVIEWS the latest release from genre defying, Queen denouncing purveyors’ of RepubliPop The New IRA.

Despite activity on their old fan message boards proving less frequent than sexual congress between a couple in their 90s, the New IRA has insisted on touring around the country trying to rouse interest.

And yet, with these gigs poorly received and sparsely attended, New IRA are still concentrating on their dwindling careers which carry all the hallmarks of a group completely out of ideas.

There’s no beating around the Republican bush, the New IRA are a pale imitation of a cover version of a bad song and their latest release is only marginally less offensive than U2’s last album.

In truth, it is hard to assess their new oeuvre with the same enthusiasm, knowing some of the key minds behind their seminal works are no longer part of the group. Sure, their work carries with it some of the same exposure and column inches, but you get the feeling their work evokes a time and genre that has long since lost any semblance of credibility.

Many die hard fans admit to the fact they simply don’t view the New IRA as the band of upstarts they were once so fond of in the 60s and 70s.

One long time fan remarked recently “they had some bright ideas back in the day, but this latest stuff is like Oasis and their album Be Here Now… the New IRA are definitely in their drug phase, their fuel laundering phase. I’ve certainly lost interest”.

A tired cliche which offers nothing new despite the name.

Zero stars.