Government Planning Massive Celebration For One Year Anniversary Of 1916 Centenary


THE GOVERNMENT has announced an itinerary for this year’s one year anniversary of last year’s 1916 centenary celebrations, and are aiming to commemorate the heroes who managed to make last year one of the most profitable in Ireland’s history.

The 1916 centenary commemorations took up the vast majority of 2016, and provided people from all sides of the political and social divides with plenty of scope to call the other side a pack of hypocrites while yelling ‘this was not what Pearse died for’ at every given opportunity.

The celebrations culminated in a huge parade through Dublin in March, followed by another huge parade on the actual day and date anniversary of the Rising™, as well as several other huge parades just for the hell of it.

With the pressure now on to create a celebration to mark the passing of one full year since the centenary, officials are getting ‘an early start’ at planning the biggest commemorations the country has ever seen since the last one.

“It’ll all take place outside the GPO, the historic site of the 2016 centenary of 1916,” said a source close to the project.

“We’ll be focusing on all the heroes of last year; Michael D. Higgins, the soldier that was behind Michael D. Higgins on his phone… we’ll lay a few wreaths, sing the national anthem, and then the Shinners can have their own ceremony up at the Garden Of Remembrance and call ours a sham”.

Approximately 297 books will be written ahead of this year’s event, including ‘Children Of The 1916 Centenary’, and ‘The City That Survived 2016’.