RTÉ Asked If ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is The Best It Can Do


THE ANNOUNCEMENT that yes, Dancing With The Stars will be a TV show, which RTÉ will air in a primetime slot was met with groans of dissatisfaction by members of the licence fee paying community.

“I’m not mad like, but I’m just wondering if a show launched in the US 15 odd years ago is the best they can do. It’s a genuine question, I’m not being smart like,” Neville O’Brien, an avid TV watcher queried before adding he had a great idea for a show if only RTÉ would listen.

“It’s like Deal or No Deal with animals crossed with Dallas, it’d be class, but those suits in there are only employing their 23 cousins and their dog or whatever,” a disgruntled O’Brien added, careful to state that if it wasn’t hosted by Síle Seoige he would walk away from any potential deal.

More and more people are said to be genuinely curious if this is the best RTÉ can do.

“I just want to know, categorically, if I should abandon all hope of ever enjoying watching RTÉ again,” another viewer asked, careful to note that an Irish show promising ‘stars’ is an oxymoron.

A number of people also observed that their individual licence fee of €160 was directly funding the entire cost of the production of the show which means they should have a direct say in what celebrities appear on Dancing With The Stars.