How The Sugar Tax Will Affect You, Sweet Cheeks


Listen up, honey buns, there’s a new government incentive on its way that will aim to tackle the growing obesity crisis with a tax on sugar and here’s how it will affect you and your sweet ass.

Although the food and drinks industry has reacted negatively to the news that the government intend to put a 10% tax on sweets and fizzy drinks in an attempt to curb the rise of childhood obesity, many health organisations point to research from around the world that shows a decline in obesity related illnesses; which means you should be fitter and healthier, sweet cheeks.

Should the sugar tax lead to the intended drop in consumption, this could result in the loss of jobs in the food industry. So if you’re working for Cadburys or the likes, then sweetie-pie, you could be put on the dole.

Research has found that while raising the price of sugary drinks and snacks has a short-term effect when it comes to lowering obesity in kids, most parents will find themselves reverting to their old habits of buying their children the things they want in a bid to keep them happy, regardless of the health consequences.

So even though a sugar tax is, on paper, a good idea, there needs to be greater awareness among parents to the dangers of their kids not eating a balanced diet. So quit giving them Mars bars for dinner, sugar-tits.