Couple Posting Pictures Of Their ‘Little Outdoor Adventures’ Told To Fuck Off


A LOCAL Waterford couple, who seem to spend their weekends engaged in ‘little adventures’, if photos they post on social media are anything to go by, have been politely told by everyone they know to ‘fuck off’.

Peter and Sarah Sealing’s latest exploit was marked with an album uploaded to Facebook entitled ‘another little outdoor adventure’, drawing more frustration from friends, family and coworkers who have become tired of being reminded they did absolutely nothing with their weekend in comparison.

The photos mark the 37th album they have shared on social media this year, which have chronicled all the outdoors activities they taken part in.

“We can’t be any clearer when we say fuck off, fuck right off with your walks and your hikes, and your hillside coffee shops,” one comment below the photos read, which at the time of this article’s publication had received a modest 4,000 likes.

Speculation has been rife among the couple’s Facebook friends to the motivation behind the photos, with conclusions being drawn that both Peter and Sarah are full of themselves and want everyone to be impressed by a stroll along a beach or up a mountain.

“Sorry if how proactive we are rubs people up the wrong way. We just love, love, love, being out and about, we couldn’t imagine spending the week on the couch, ya know,” Sarah explained, before pointing out a little known fact that outdoor activities technically might as well have not happened at all if evidence of it, in the form of 600 pictures aren’t uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.

Far from being put off by being told to fuck right off by everyone they know, Peter and Sarah are expected to upload pictures from a 95k ‘fun run’ they are taking part in this weekend.