“I Was Just Playing Pokémon GO”, Burglar Tells Court


A COUNTY Waterford man with 987 previous convictions who was caught trying to remove a 50″ Plasma TV from a home that wasn’t his, claimed he was ‘just playing Pokémon GO’ at the time, and had mistaken the electrical appliance for a Jigglypuff.

Martin Freeman, 48, a self-confessed drug addict and video game enthusiast, pleaded with Judge William Holden to not hand down a custodial sentence, as the whole incident was one big misunderstanding.

“I downloaded the Pokémon GO yoke on Sunday and the next thing I knew I was in someone’s house,” Freeman told the court with a straight face, “you just lose the run of yourself, ya know?”

At approximately 5.24am on Monday morning, an alarm was raised at the home in Newtown, south of the city, where investigating Gardaí later found Mr. Freeman exiting the premises with the television.

Gardaí concluded at the scene that the son-of-two had stolen the TV from the building and later charged him with burglary under section 12 of the Theft and Fraud Offences act.

Acting on a warrant the next day, detectives then searched Mr. Freeman’s home where they found a “substantial” stash of stolen goods, including DVD players, stereos, jewellery and various power tools stolen from local building sites.

Asked by the judge to explain the finds, Mr. Freeman replied “you gotta catch them all”, before receiving a sentence of 12 months in prison, with six months suspended.