Man Ordered Pint From Barmaid Ages Ago


A LOCAL Waterford man is equal parts worried and incensed after ordering a pint which has thus far failed to materialise.

Stephen Drew had been enjoying pints with friends in the In Out Inn when a barmaid approached the table and took an order of one pint of Heineken. However, according to Drew’s estimate that was ‘ages ago’.

In the aftermath of placing the order some 4 minutes ago Drew’s eyes have continued to scan the room for the barmaid as a contagious panic courses through his veins.

“I ordered that about 10 bloody minutes ago,” Drew confessed to friends at his table, hinting at the very real possibility that he may never receive an alcoholic beverage again in his life.

“You don’t think she forgot about me? No, she can’t of, the place isn’t even that busy. Is it? Christ, what if she forgot?” Drew added, as each passing second dulled his memories of what an alcoholic beverage tasted like.

“Ah here, this is madness! Where is she?” Drew barked, with an emotional quiver in his voice.

Consulting the watch on his arm another 12 times over the course of the next 2 minutes, Drew confirmed that this was a ‘disgrace’ and he should not have to wait for a pint in the same time it takes to watch all three Hobbit movies.

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