Bruce Springsteen Asked To Keep Gig To Just 5 Hours This Weekend


REVELLERS headed to Bruce Springsteen at Croke Park this weekend have pleaded with the man himself to keep the concert to a decent length, preferably five hours or less.

Rock legend Springsteen is famous for performing incredibly long live shows, as Irish fans who sat through his thirteen-hour opus in Thomond Park two years ago can attest.

However, with the average age of a Springsteen fan edging into the forties as the years roll by, many devout followers of the Boss have admitted that enough is enough, and a five hour concert is plenty. Speaking to fans gearing up for both of this weekend’s Croke Park gigs, we learned that the majority of people don’t have the stomach for standing on a pitch listening to album tracks from 1987 for hours on end.

“My knees really start to ache after standing for too long,” said one past-his-prime rocker.

“I know Bruce likes to give his fans value for money, but he really doesn’t have to try so hard anymore. Play ten, maybe fifteen songs at most, and then let us get the late bus home. Stick to the hits. Have mercy on your fans; we’re not as young as we used to be”.

Keeping the concerts to a reasonable length will also help appease the dreaded Croke Park Residents Association, who are only looking for something to give out about.