Discarded Argos Catalogues Make Up 90% Of Nation’s Landfills


RUBBISH experts have urged the Irish public to refrain from picking up anymore Argos catalogues as the Nation’s dumps and landfills are almost at full capacity.

With average Irish household containing over 47 catalogues displaying the latest range of products on sale at the popular retailer, any trips to the dump carried by a family sees the vast majority of their waste made up of Argos catalogues, pushing Ireland’s waste management facilities to breaking point.

“It’s somehow ingrained in Ireland’s psyche, if they’re in Argos, they will pick up a catalogue, they can’t seem to leave it be. Even if they already have 10 at home,” confirmed landfill operator Morgan Harrington.

Argos have refused to take the blame or foot the bill for costs associated with the catalogue’s disposal, claiming that, judging by the volume of catalogues they shifted they genuinely believed Ireland’s population was close to 40 million.

“Honestly, we would have stopped making them, but some people came with trolleys just to fill them up with catalogue after catalogue. People must really like looking at pictures of shit they shouldn’t waste their money on,” confirmed an Argos insider.

Many Irish people revealed their main motivation behind grabbing a catalogue was either because they couldn’t remember for sure if they had one at home already, or it was a shiny new season catalogue.

“I’m sorry but you don’t want to be left with the old catalogue, you’d look like a fool,” explained Sheena Connolly, a member of the public that owns over 100 catalogues from Argos despite never purchasing anything from them.