Radio Presenters Wrongly Assuming Listeners Want To See Them Through Live Video


RADIO presenters up and down the country are wrongly assuming listeners want to see them through the means of live video, WWN has learned.

Many local disc jockeys, who up-until-now have rightly remained out of sight, managed to further worm their way into people’s consciousness via moving imagery, played out on Facebook’s new ‘live feed’, which unfortunately allows media pages to give a real-time insight into the monotonous world of Irish radio.

“I think the term ‘face for radio’ holds true now more than ever before,” explained social media expert Dr. Kevin Thompson, “somehow, radio presenters have gotten it into their heads that people actually want to see them as well as listen to their chirpy waffle. They must be set straight before the whole thing goes to shit”.

In a recent survey, 4 out of 5 Irish radio presenters have admitted to already forcing themselves on innocent Facebook followers, many of whom were not warned in advance of the live video.

“I was commuting to work one morning when I was on my phone, checking Facebook,” recalled KCLR listener Denis Coffee, “then out of nowhere came this notification that the KCLR radio page was doing a live video. I clicked on it without thinking. There were no warnings. It was horrible”.

Upon clicking, Mr. Coffee was forced through several gruelling minutes of ‘in-house banter’ between morning radio presenter John Masterson and some unknown camera operator, who insisted what they were doing was of interest to the public.

“I don’t even like John Masterson. Sue Nunn is ten times better, but it didn’t stop them streaming,” added the distressed listener. “I just vomited on the train, there and then. I had to phone in sick to work”.

Facebook has since apologised for the distress caused by Live Video, stating that they cannot control how people use the new feature, but will start rolling out ‘netiquette’ guidelines in the near future.