Mike Posner Passes Away After ‘Taking Pill Overdose In Ibiza’


AMERICAN singer, songwriter, and record producer Mike Posner has passed away taking a pill drug overdose in Ibiza, in a bid to show Avicii he was cool, WWN has learned.

The remains of the popular artist are expected to be flown on a plane to his hometown of Southfield, Michigan, with his pride and guitar.

It is understood the singer took a pill in Ibiza, believing it “was something to do”, but collapsed shortly after in a busy nightclub, like he had something to prove.

“He kept repeating that people didn’t want to be ‘high like him, never really knowing why, like him’,” an eyewitness told a local newspaper, who was dancing at the popular club before the incident. “Then he was mumbling something about a roller coaster and a bus. The poor guy was off his fucking noodle”.

A spokesman for Mr. Posner’s family said the 28-year-old was just a lonely singer who blew his shot, who left behind no girlfriend due to his inability to open up about his emotions.

Since his death, police in Ibiza have warned club goers to be careful when purchasing ecstasy on the streets from dealers, stating “you will never know who to trust like this”.