We Asked WWN Readers Who They’re Voting For… The Answers Were Interesting



“Enda Kenny doesn’t look like a man who knows the first bloody damned thing about how to cut up a pineapple correctly. That’s not the man I want running the country” – Eamon, pineapple enthusiast, Mayo.



“Fianna Fail is a stupid name to call a political party. They obviously fail a lot, right? I couldn’t support any party with the term fail in their name. Fail!” – Derek Ryan, school teacher, Limerick.


“There’s so many issues, this is too much pressure, how am I supposed to choose what’s right for Ireland’s future, I can’t take the pressure” – Eoin, currently on fire, Sligo.


“Have you ever got thrush, it’s awful stuff for your bush is thrush, but, I don’t ask much only that my TD is such, that they don’t use thrush as a crutch” – Bernadette, Playdo colourist, Cavan.

Model of a Neanderthal man, Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany...BB4807 Model of a Neanderthal man, Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany

“That Michael Lowry lad gets my vote. Sure, didn’t he fix that sign post down the road, and even sent me a Christmas card.” – Leon, neanderthal, Tipperary


“Whichever one of them can get ITV on the Sky box sorted, I can’t find it, people say it’s on the ‘other channels’ menu, but I can’t find it. This has to stop” – Carmel, leader of a Cork terrorist cell, Cork.


“Do ya need to ask?” – Denis, businessman, Cork/Mostly Malta