Sick Refugee Opts To Return To Syria For ‘Better Hospital Treatment’


A STUNNED Syrian refugee spoke of her horror upon first setting eyes on the squalid conditions patients at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin were subjected to, WWN has learned.

Needing treatment some weeks after arriving in Ireland, 26-year-old teacher Sabala Nasser had made her way to the north Dublin location only to be brought to tears at having to witness what the citizens of Ireland are forced to live through.

“No one should have to be subjected to this,” Nasser said of the overcrowding and poorly funded facilities, before explaining that she would return home to Homs in Syria as she would receive a better standard of care in the war torn city.

While the ongoing patient build up in Irish A&E is part of everyday life, it came as a shock to Nasser, who disagreed with the Irish Patients Association who likened Beaumont A&E to ‘a war zone’.

“That is a gross miscalculation, Beaumont is far worse than any war zone I’ve seen,” she added while looking on at the 50-odd patients on trolleys with sympathy.

“It is confusing your nurses say it is unsafe but, your minister says it is so unsafe that nurses shouldn’t strike so that patients and nurses can stay in the unsafe conditions together,” Nasser observed,

Nasser was further floored when she was informed that these sorts of circumstances have been part of daily Irish life for years and show no sign of ever changing.

“I think I will change my flight home to this evening,” Nasser confirmed.