“You Are A Strong, Confident Leader” Micheál Martin Tells His Reflection Unconvincingly


FIANNA Fáil leader Micheál Martin has spent much of the morning staring at his reflection in the mirror repeating the phrase “you are a strong, confident leader” in an increasingly unconvincing manner.

While the first 5 repetitions of the phrase were forceful enough to disguise the utter lack of self belief, subsequent iterations of the rallying call were disrupted by the Cork TD’s voice continually breaking, forcing him to pause and clear his throat.

“Ugh, C’mon Micheál,” Martin said to his reflection before staring at it in silence for 10 seconds, breaking from the glance to smile then immediately admonish himself for doing so.

“Smiling? You’re smiling now? Have you seen the polls, you’ve nothing to be smiling about fella,” Martin told himself, seemingly abandoning his previous pep talk.

The politician was then interrupted by an alert on his phone which he had set up last thing before going to bed the previous night.

“You can do it. You’re a strong, confident leader,” the message read.