Xmas Ad Set During Hitler’s Last Days In His Berlin Bunker Will Have You In Tears


HOT on the heels of the other 345 emotional Christmas ads produced by large companies in an effort to sell you shit you don’t need that we absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE comes this adorable ad from little known German retailers Hoffen.

The plumbing suppliers went all out for their Christmas ad this year, with their CEO, citing the pressure they felt when retailers such as John Lewis, Three and Sainsburys produced the sort of ads with disingenuous mawkishness that can reduce a heartless bastard to tears.

“The influence was easy, we went to Hollywood and asked for the best,” Hoffen CEO Dieter Kinne explained to WWN, and boy did it pay off.

Centred on those emotional last few days of the Third Reich, the ad shows us a sad and frustrated Adolf Hitler struggling to find the true meaning of Christmas, given that it is the middle of April and it’s all going a bit wrong for him.

Just at his lowest point, after taking a cyanide pill he notices a flower growing out of the concrete and sighs, crawling to the flower while taking his last few breaths. So sad.

*Sobs uncontrolably*

He then notices a Hoffen branded toilet and it inexplicably begins to snow in the bunker, and with his last words, Hitler says ‘think Christmas, think Hoffen’.

Watch the full 97 minute ad which cost 43 million euro to make over on Hoffen’s official site, but bring the tissues.