Stormont Politicians Close To Agreement, Ahead Of Next Falling Out


THE political community of Northern Ireland has hailed a historic agreement between the Executive coalition on a number of issues, which comes just months before the next scheduled falling out which will leave the people of Northern Ireland short changed by their representatives.

Praised by both the Irish and British governments, the agreement came after months of stalemate.

An agreement on welfare reforms as well controversy surrounding dissident Republican activity was reached, meaning Sinn Féin and the DUP are set to bring a period of stability, politically speaking, for a few short months.

“Look, it hasn’t been decided what we should fall out on next, but the DUP are fairly adamant it should be flag-based,” a beaming Martin McGuinness told WWN.

Normalcy has returned to Stormont, giving relieved voters the change to be disappointed by the work the Executive do, rather than being angry at their refusal to work.

“Ah, it’ll be nice while it lasts alright,” Belfast native Dominic Hogan shared with WWN, “we’ll get maybe 5 hours of them actually doing their jobs. It’ll be hard to get used to actually”.

“Did that prick say we’d fall out over flags? I’m not having that. He’ll have to apologise or I’ll walk right out of here now,” an angry DUP leader Peter Robinson said to WWN as he made for the exit.