So Cute! Here’s What The Pig From The Vodafone Advert Looks Like Today


vodafone pig

HE has been melting the hearts of the Nation in recent days starring in Vodafone’s new ad campaign, but Elliot the pig is significantly older than when the ad was shot earlier this year.

We barely recognised him ourselves, but the advert’s director sent the picture in to us and assured us that yes, little Elliot ain’t so little anymore. Can you believe it’s the same pig?

“You often find when you’re working with young talent, they seem to grow up overnight, and that was certainly the case with Elliot,” explained director Kevin Strong.

“And, sure, we had our differences, we had to call in a stunt pig more time than we would have liked, given that Elliot refused to do the rain scene point blank.

“No matter how big and comfy the sty was that we provided during the shoot, he was still giving out. Not to mention the script changes he insisted upon”.

While onset relationships seemed frosty, we’ll give Elliot the benefit of the doubt as it was his first big acting gig. Check out what Elliot looks like today below:

vodafone pig 2