“I’m Like A Stunt Man Or Something” Says Motorist Driving With Hand On Roof


A COUNTY Donegal man has today likened himself to a stunt man after managing to drive almost 400 meters on a busy main road using only one hand to steer, while the other rested calmly on the roof like a great big legend.

Damien Woods, who drives a red BMW 3 series coupe, said he couldn’t believe how easy it was to perform the stunt as he had no previous stunt training.

“The other motorists must have thought I was nuts,” Woods told WWN this afternoon. “I nearly lost control at one point changing gear. Luckily I used my knees to stabilize the steering wheel and managed to get her back under control.”

The stay-at-home-son said he had been playing with the hand on roof idea for some time and practiced first with his elbow out the window, but wanted to wait until he got his full licence before going “full-lunatic”.

“Passed the test first time last June so this has been a long-time coming.” he explained, while taking down his ‘N’ Plates. “I won’t be needing these embarrassing yokes anymore. Do they do ‘S’ plates for stunt drivers? Must Google it.”

Mr. Woods went on to advise fellow motorists not to try the stunt at home, as it takes quite a bit of skill and preparation.

“It takes a certain type of someone to pull this off so think first before taking the plunge,” he concluded.