Liverpool Fan Praised For Accepting Son’s Decision To Support Man United


A LIFELONG Liverpool fan has recently been praised for the way in which he handled the news that his eldest son had come out as a Manchester United fan.

Derek Tynan of Castleknock in Dublin, began supporting Liverpool just seconds after his birth in 1969 and derived great joy from the many successes the Anfield club enjoyed in the subsequent years.

“It’s still tough seeing him with a different shirt on, but I suppose it’s something I’ll have to accept,” a brave Derek shared with WWN.

The 46-year-old had taken his eldest son, Darragh (18) to a number of Liverpool games over the years, but was left reeling after his son made his true support known.

“The heart leapt out of my chest at first, and yes, there were some tears, but he’s my son and I love him,” Derek added, before noting that he had in an intial cloud of anger accused his son of being ‘Manc scum’.

Darragh for his part, is just relieved to get the weight off his shoulders.

“For years I’ve known I loved expansive wing play and cut throat counter attacking football, and even when Liverpool gave that a crack two seasons ago, it just didn’t feel natural for me,” Darragh explained while he father looked on proudly.

Given the adversarial nature the two football clubs enjoy, many observers have commended Derek’s tolerance and acceptance. However, loving father Derek regrets a number of instances from Daragh’s childhood now that the truth has come to light.

“To think I had him dressed head to toe as a mini-Gerrard, and after school he used to sneak off with a few mates to watch Man United highlights on the Man U TV channel, but those days of hiding are behind him,” a teary-eyed Derek concluded.