This Heartwarming Story Of 4 Lads Who Broke Out Of A Detention Centre Will Melt Your Heart


WE here at WWN love an underdog story, but this latest one is pretty special so get your tissues ready:

Four as of yet unnamed teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks were placed in the €56 million Oberstown child detention centre on Dublin’s Northside. But, in a lesson to us all to never to give on our dreams they stared out of their cells at the bustling city sprawling out before their eyes and said ‘fuck this’.

What they did next will truly melt your heart.

Using that ingenuity we Irish are absolutely famous for, the lads with the banter and craic in their hearts gained access to kitchen implements and held them to the throats of staff at Oberstown and threatened their lives.

The real heartwarming aspect to this is that they are the third group of teenagers from the Oberstown facility to escape in recent weeks, totally inspired by their peers which is always so inspiring to be inspired by.

Finding ladders left on site by builders carrying out work at the centre, these lads pulled a classic Irish move and placed the ladders on the external walls of the facility and broke for freedom.

We know Mondays can be an awful slog, but if this break for freedom doesn’t fill our hearts with the inspiration to get up and seize the day we don’t know what will.

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