Studies Confirm Effectiveness Of Cannabis While Watching Shite On Telly


INCREDIBLE new research undertaken by a select group of cannabis users across the country has revealed the miraculous effect the drug has when watching rubbish on television.

The data proves without a doubt that shows such as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Loose Women and Cash In The Attic, which most people would find unwatchable, can be highly entertaining if the viewer is given sufficient access to cannabis products before and during the airing of the show.

90% of the content available on streaming service Netflix, deemed to be of poor standard by non-cannabis users, is miraculously turned into gripping, ‘can’t miss’ entertainment in the eyes of even a moderate cannabis smoker. This new research is hoped to bring fresh understanding and acceptance of the role cannabis can play in today’s society.

“When you think about it, it truly is a miraculous drug,” said Steven Harkin, who discovered the benefits of cannabis while watching shite on TV after months of extensive research.

“There are people out there watching the infomercial for the X5 steam cleaner while completely sober, all because of the taboos surrounding cannabis use. Every time I light up a joint, I’m breaking the law, even if all I’m trying to do is make Deal or No Deal a bit more watchable. It has to stop”.

Harkin went on to urge people to march at the upcoming Legalise Cannabis rally, although he was unsure as to when it was actually on.