Culchie Woman Revealed To Be D4 Woman Living In Disguise


A PROMINENT member of the culchie community is today battling accusations that she is in fact from a wealthy south Dublin background and has merely appropriated the appearance and mannerisms of a rural woman, fooling her neighbours and co-workers for years.

Mary O’Reilly, believed to have been born Myray Buicini-Joyce, first moved to the outskirts of Tullamore in early 2007 where she began work in the local branch of Dunnes.

The popular woman, now in her early thirties, quickly made friends with her co-workers after several nights out in town where she was known to wear an Offaly GAA jersey while consuming pints of Smithwicks and grabbing men by the arse as they walked by.

O’Reilly rose up the ranks of the culchie community around Tullamore, going so far as to put her name forward for the Rose Of Tralee ‘for the laugh’ one year. She also played centre half-back for her local Camogie team, where she was told to “take no shit in the middle of the field” and possess an “unreal” sideline cut.

However, revelations made this week by her father, Dundrum property developer Marcus Joyce, suggest that Mary may have been living a lie for the past 8 years.

“She’s been in love with the culchie community ever since she shifted this lad from Mayo at the Gaeltacht when she was 14,” said Joyce, presenting a picture of his daughter as a young girl covered in fake tan.

“We thought she would grow out of it, but after she left college, she stopped putting conditioner in her hair, started talking like a bogger and moved to Tullamore. We haven’t spoken since, but I want her to know she’s always welcome to come home”.

Shunning the media spotlight, O’Reilly has refused to comment on the matter after being confronted with a picture of her younger self while at a Vintage fair in Ballinagar. People close to the woman are said to be shocked by the revelations, with some feeling insulted that a Dub thought she could just all of a sudden “decide” she was a culchie.