Waterford Not Getting Carried Away By Greatest Hurling Performance Of All Time


COUNTY Waterford is now home to the greatest hurling team in the world, but its ardent supporters have confirmed they refuse to get carried away even after witnessing the greatest hurling performance of all time.

Beating a formidable Cork side to reach the Munster hurling final, Waterford teased out a tenacious and goal laden performance, which has had many comparing the side to other joyous entries in the history of mankind such as when Man walked on the moon.

“Look it, it’s early days and we’re not carried away, but I cry everytime I think of the fact we’re definitely going to win the All Ireland this year,” explained Dessie Varney, a mainstay of Waterford’s hurling mad support.

An assured and focused display has rightly been described by grounded Waterford natives as a greater achievement than the Mona Lisa and it has the county’s die hard hurling fans dreaming big.

“I can feel it in my bones boi, it’s just like 1959,” explained Henry O’Toole, who thanks to a debilitating short term memory condition can remember Waterford’s last All Ireland final win like it was yesterday.

Building on their league final win earlier this year, the Deise have made a special request to the big wigs at GAA headquarters, asking if it was at all possible to have the Liam McCarthy cup delivered via express post this week as many fans can’t wait until September.

As is the custom when any county beat Cork, the remaining 30 counties have written a letter thanking the victorious Waterford side for shutting that lot up.

Reports that hundreds of fans have changed their children’s first names, irrespective of gender, to Maurice Shanahan can now be confirmed by WWN.