Dublin Man’s Wardrobe Contains Nothing But Check Shirts


DUBLIN man James McGinley’s wardrobe contains nothing but check shirts, WWN can exclusively reveal.

After being recently forced into joining a gym by his girlfriend of two years, McGingley opened his wardrobe in search of a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms only to find a sea of check shirts he has unwittingly amassed over the last decade.

“I guess I just didn’t notice at first, but now that I’ve taken like a step and that, it’s kind of worrying,” the 28-year-old explained to WWN while wearing a check shirt as makeshift trousers, “yeah turns out my only pair of jeans are in the wash too”.

Like thousands of other men, McGinley’s anxiety and worry about his fashion sense has manifested in the form of high volume purchases of check shirts whenever he is pushed by people to buy new clothes.

“I’d just get nervous in a real grown up suit shop, before I could do anything about it, I’d find myself gravitating towards the shirts, then the check shirts and before I knew it I’d have bought 3 or 4 of them,” a troubled McGinley explained.

Coworkers of McGinley have confirmed they refer to him as ‘check shirt guy’, chiefly because they refuse to take the time to remember his name but also due to his abundance of check shirts.

McGinley admitted to WWN that he had accidentally purchased 3 of the same shirt, a red and black check shirt from H&M.

“I think these purchases just drive home the fact I was running away from something, running away from the fact I don’t know how to pick out cool on trend clothes, but one thing I picked up years ago was that you can’t go wrong with a few check shirts,” McGinley offered.

A few check shirts are in fact 146 in total, while McGinley only owns 7 pairs of underpants. The figure was revised down from 8 after McGinley realised he had mistakenly been wearing a small size check shirt as his ‘getting laid tonight’ boxers for several years.