US Announce $179bn In Funding To Finally Fill In ‘Dangerous’ Grand Canyon


THE US government announced today one of its biggest landfill projects in the history of the state, releasing $179bn in funding to finally fill in one of the world’s most dangerous cracks, the Grand Canyon.

Situated in Arizona, the 277 miles (446 km) long crevasse is to be filled with domestic and industrial refuse over the next 20 years in a bid to make it safe for tourists visiting the area.

It is estimated that 3,000 people die every year from falling off the giant ledges which line the perimeter of the canyon.

“Over the next twenty years the Grand Canyon will act as a large landfill for all major towns and cities based on the West coast,” President Barack Obama told congress this morning. “This should cut down on the number of unnecessary deaths there, and also solve one of the country’s biggest problems – waste disposal”.

Experts believe it will take over 40 trillion tonnes of compacted rubbish to eventually fill the large crack in the continents shelf.

“This project is huge as it also involves diverting the Colorado river,” said chief engineer of the project David Davidson. “It will be all worth it when it’s finished. There have been too many tragedy’s here and this is the right thing to do”.

It is understood the crack has been left untreated for over 17 million years, allowing it to grow to the unique size it is today.

“The Native Americans were obviously a very lazy bunch of people that hated fixing things,” added Davidson. “Thankfully now we can start rebuilding this beautiful country of ours. God bless America”.