Child’s Second Communion To Take Place Sometime In 2019


FOLLOWING the success of her First Communion at the weekend, the parents of one Meath girl have announced that their daughter is expected to have her second communion sometime in 2019.

The O’Byrne family expressed delight at how great a time they had at the weekend when their only daughter, Pippa, made her First Communion along with all her classmates at St. Alphonsus’ Church Of The Pierced Heart in Ashbourne.

Preparations for the day had begun late last year, and culminated in Pippa looking way better than any of the other girls, some of which didn’t even have a spray tan done.

Extended members of the family were then brought for a four-course meal at a local hotel, where Pippa was delighted to find that she had made enough money to buy herself an iPad. With Pippa’s First Communion deemed such a total success, her Mam confirmed with WWN that the O’Byrnes saw no need to receive any more of the Body Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (TM) for the foreseeable future.

“We’re just a little communioned out of it at the moment, ” said Audrey O’Byrne, who has received communion at least twenty times in her life.

“So we’re in no rush to bring Pippa back to mass anytime soon. She’s had her day out with her friends, so there’s no point in taking her to just ordinary Sunday service. Our other daughter will be making her First Communion in 2019, so Pippa will probably be back in a church for that, unless we have to go to a wedding or something in the meantime”.

Officials with the Communion Distribution Board confirm that the O’Byrne’s plan falls into line with projected Communion consumption for the average catholic child, which peaks during First Communion age and then falls dramatically afterwards.