Property Bubble Now 7.6km In Circumference


FOLLOWING the sale of a 37 square foot coffee kiosk in Dublin’s city centre yesterday, WWN can exclusively reveal that the Nation’s property bubble has grown to an alarming 7.6km in circumference.

Additionally, the recent rise in property prices in the first three months of 2015 means the bubble is quite possibly over inflated and could burst at any moment.

“While we’re not willing to make a definitive judgement, the bubble has grown at an alarming rate with a lot of hot air travelling within its confines,” explained property expert Conleth Brown.

A brief decline in prices around the country in late 2014 had relieved the pressure on the bubble, but this latest expansion to its circumference has put everyone on red alert.

“No, it’s grand, don’t worry,” a joint statement from the Government, the construction industry and property magnates.

Ireland’s previous property bubble had expanded to over 100km in the 2000s before it burst, paving the way for the more modest bubble we see standing over Dublin’s skyline today.

“I think people are forgetting how robust bubbles actually are,” explained independent property expert and owner of, “bubbles are famous for their thick and strong exteriors, so I think people just need to calm down a bit”.

Despite the looming bad news Ireland did have reason to celebrate the bubble as its recent growth makes it the biggest bubble in the world, attracting much interest from rich American tourists.