Man Successfully Convinces Date To Order Cheapest Thing On Menu


A CARLOW man’s first date with a potential new girlfriend got off to a good start after he successfully convinced his date to order the cheapest thing on the menu during their meal in a local restaurant.

Duncan Clancy, 27, invited Susan Roche out for a meal in Carlow town’s foremost Italian restaurant, The Black Shillelagh, after meeting her in a local nightclub the week before.

With funds low, Clancy knew he had to keep the budget for the date at a minimum, especially as there was no guarantee of the ride at the end of the night.

Through skilful wordplay and improvised culinary knowledge, long-term singleton Clancy was able to steer Ms. Roche away from the expensive fish and meat part of the menu, and keep her interest in the 15 euro or less pasta section.

“It was looking bad there for a minute, when she said she was in the mood for a steak,” sighed Clancy, during an exclusive interview with WWN while his date was in the bathroom. “Luckily I was able to convince her that the chicken pasta was particularly good and that’s what I get all the time delicious, despite the fact that I’ve never been here before and don’t even like Italian food all that much”.

Ms. Roche’s willingness to order something cheap off the menu has raised Clancy’s hopes that she may be a keeper, although she let herself down by helping herself to both a starter and dessert, as well as ordering a sparkling Ballygowan to drink as opposed to sharing a jug of tap water.