Bunch Of Pricks Leading Latest Opinion Poll


A DISGRUNTLED Nation has confessed to being largely disappointed by the latest opinion poll carried out by the Irish Times, which suggests that a bunch of pricks are largely leading the poll.

Opinion polls, traditionally carried out by newspapers as a way to take the temperature of the political climate have in recent years merely served as a horrible reminder to the public that the choices on offer are no choice at all.

Close to 90% of the participants in the poll are believed to have let out a collective sigh upon seeing the options before them, proclaiming ‘shite, are these really the only choices?’

With Fine Gael and Sinn Féin garnering the most support in the poll with 24% each, it is believed they have the highest concentration of pricks, followed closely by Fianna Fáil at 17%.

Labour lags behind with 7%, but that is not to say that their prickishness is any less severe.

Independent and others make up the remaining poll with a similar acknowledgement from the public that although they’re a lesser evil, they are all in likelihood pricks.

The public has taken this opportunity to highlight the fact that the political elite are so far removed from ‘normal people’ that it is probably necessary for a new and revolutionary party to be formed. However, 100% of those polled confirmed that this was the responsibility of someone else as they were actually quite busy at the moment.