Man Who Asked For Directions Kinda Stopped Listening After “Right At The Third Roundabout”


lost man

A DUBLIN man faced questioning today from his wife after becoming hopelessly lost during a tension-wrought journey, after admitting that while getting directions from a passerby he “sort of stopped paying attention” to where the woman was telling him to go.

Sean Hynes and his wife Jacinta were due to be at a wedding in Sandyford at 1pm, although after leaving their Ashbourne home and heading through the city centre, the couple quickly became lost.

Under increasing pressure from his wife, Hynes took the unprecedented move of stopping to ask for directions, and despite the clear advice from a female passer-by, the 32-year-old Meath native would later admit that he “tuned out” after the woman mentioned something about turning right or possibly left at the third roundabout.

“She told me to go straight ahead, through the traffic lights, then left at the next roundabout, then… I don’t fucking know, maybe right after that,” said Hynes, who isn’t really all that annoyed about missing this wedding if he’s honest.

“I think I might have like a medical problem or something, I can soak in like four directions from someone and after that they may as well be speaking Greek. I nodded along to the rest of what I was being told, but to tell the truth, I had completely zoned out at that stage. I just kept saying ‘yep, yep, I have you, yep’ but literally none of it was sinking in”.

Amid mounting pressure from his wife to “get them to the fucking church”, Hynes has agreed to stop again and ask another passer-by for directions, although he admits he may have to do this at least four times before reaching his destination.