Taxi Driver Slams Black Ice For Coming Over Here And Making Our Roads Slippy


A DUBLIN city taxi driver has been criticized today after verbally attacking black ice for coming over here and making the roads slippy.

Dermo Hanrihan was reported to have made the vile comments while delivering a fare to the North inner city, forcing the passenger to stop the taxi driver on the O’Connell bridge in disgust, before getting out in protest of his racist view point.

“I just couldn’t listen to it anymore,” said fare Donna Whelan, “there was no need for that kind of carry on at all.”

Ms. Whelan told WWN the driver picked her up outside her home at 9am in order to bring her to work for half past. The 24-year-old shop assistant claimed Mr. Hanrihan immediately began his tirade of abuse against the ice, saying it was only out to get white drivers trying to make a decent living.

“I felt very uncomfortable as I have a friend with a black work colleague,” explained the granddaughter of four. “He began complaining about how slippy the road was because of the ‘bastard black ice’, and that you couldn’t see it because it was the same colour as the road – which I found extremely racist to be honest. I was waiting for him to mention something about the ice smiling in order to see it, but he didn’t.”

Following several grueling minutes in the front seat of the racist’s wagon, Ms. Whelan decided to make a stand and asked the taxi driver to stop and leave her out, because she was disgusted at his ignorant behaviour.

“Some of us have to make a stand,” she added, “hopefully he’ll think twice now before making such comments again.”