The Vatican Launches Viral Catholic Website BuzzChrist


THE VATICAN has today announced yet another move toward engaging young lapsed Catholics the World over with its fantastic new viral website BuzzChrist.

Similar to internet behemoth Buzzfeed, BuzzChrist will aim to get the Church’s message out to its followers through a variety of list articles and viral focused content.

“We today launch the website BuzzChrist, it is only the beginning but we hope all Catholics enjoy it,” said the surprisingly young editor of the site, 69-year-old Cardinal José Fazio.

Early content on the site is made up of a variety of lists, including ’10 Ways Sunday Mass Just Got Sexier’, ‘3 Easy Recipes For Bread And Fish’, ’39 Signs You Were An Alter Boy’, ‘What’s Your Favourite Prayer Says About You’, ’56 Times The Pope Was Dope’ and ‘Which Saint Are You Quiz’.

“We have lost sight of our message to young people today,” explained Fazio, “this is why we have spent €300 million developing the site. We have cat gifs and even a special emoji for the Pope”.

While it is still unclear if this bold step into the internet age will help the Vatican reinvigorate its relationship with lapsed Catholics, BuzzChrist celebrates reaching a milestone already.

“We have ten comments already, it is a joy, a cause for celebration,” added Fazio, “and that the comments are largely negative is of no consequence. People are engaging”.