Tabloids Fly Planes With Love/Hate Spoilers Over The Entire Country


FOLLOWING a particularly gruesome episode of the TV favourite Love/Hate the tabloid press in Ireland has taken to the skies to ensure no one is in any doubt as to what happened.

Pooling their resources together several papers have arranged for hundreds of small aircraft to carry banners in the sky, which give away key details of last night’s tense conclusion to series five of the acclaimed drama.

“We’re just carrying out our duty really, I mean we’ve got the 134 page special in the paper today, but we felt we could do more,” explained Irish Sun editor Eamon Fahey.

Some planes were tasked with skywriting in an attempt to really make sure viewers were in no doubt as to what happened. Fears that poor visibility in grey skies could be a problem were rubbished by several tabloid editors.

“We’ve already initiated our back up plan which sees our JobBridge interns march into offices, schools and public places with megaphones shouting spoilers in everyone’s direction. We’d hate to think someone didn’t know what happened in the episode,” explained an editor of the Irish Independent.

The tabloids revealed that they would have chosen the option of implanting spoilers in everyone’s brain, but sadly the technology simply isn’t there yet.

Critics of the paper’s approach to publishing every last scintilla of information relating to all things Love/Hate has been told to fuck off by the papers.

“Listen, if you were stupid enough to have your brother, mother, son or friend die on you on Sunday meaning you couldn’t watch the episode live that’s your own stupid fault,” added the culture editor of the Star.

The majority of the Nation is now being treated for shock following on from the gripping finale, while snooker halls have confirmed that over 90% of members have cancelled their memberships in the last 12 hours.