Waterford Man Moving To Dublin To Follow Crazy Dream Of Being Employed


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THE local community in Dunmore has reacted with disbelief and worry upon discovering local man Denis Dreary has expressed a desire to travel up to the big smoke in an effort to ‘find a job’.

“That fella’s lost the run of himself bai,” explained local unemployed man Eoin Nelligan, “been hearing some awful things about how Denis would be thinking there would be some spot of work going spare up there”.

Many Waterford natives have struggled for many years with the concept of opportunity, hope, prosperity and a certain quality of life, none more so than Denis’s parents John and Mary.

“We’ve tried everything to discourage these mad notions he does be getting,” a distraught Mary explained, “this talk of ‘job’ this, ‘job’ that. He knows that sort of thing isn’t for our kind down here”.

“Look it, we all have dreams and that,” added father, John, “but they need to have a bit of realism about them, we don’t want him getting his hopes up for nothing, you know?”

Denis himself remains hopeful despite the obviously getting ideas above his station.

“My friends do say ‘you’ve got a steady job here signing on, why give it up?’ but you know I’ve always had this dream since leaving school of getting a real job and I think I could do that up in Dublin,” Denis said, obviously under the influence of delusion.

“He thinks they have some job tree up there that sprouts fecking job flowers or something, I’d have him committed if I could, it’ll all end in tears,” explained Ciara Fenlon, local social welfare officer.