Woman Who Finally Found Man Of Her Dreams To Wait Several Days Before Texting Him Back


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SHRILL cries of joy were heard emanating from inside the Great Oaks apartment complex in Dublin’s City centre, last night after Clare Conway confessed to friends she had found ‘the one’.

Clare’s best friends and roommates Aisling and Joanne listened intently as primary school teacher Clare described her impressive fifth date with 28-year-old accountant David Purcell.

“Well, obviously we’ve been texting non stop for the past month, but he really pushed the boat out on this one,” Clare explained as her stomach did somersaults.

“He picked up me up from work and next thing I know I’m on a fucking yacht! He took me out to Ireland’s Eye and there was this huge and lavish dinner waiting for us,” Clare enthused as her friends swooned and momentarily considered murdering Clare and disguising themselves as their best friend in order to be with dreamy David.

It was at this point David texted Clare to tell her how much he enjoyed their evening together and that he didn’t think it was too soon for Clare to tell him she loved him and that yes, he would love to move in with her but only after he takes her to Paris next weekend.

Clare, observing female customs in place since time immemorial, agreed with her friends when they said she should probably wait a week to respond to his text.

“It’s, like, sending him a message to say you can’t be like changed by anyone,” Aisling added without clarifying where exactly in David’s text he asked Clare to change.

Clare went on to explain how David, like Clare, had lost his mother at a young age and felt so passionately about fighting cancer that he would run in the upcoming Dublin City Marathon and donate as much as €10,000 of his own savings in the name of Clare’s mother.

This kind gesture came just a week after David worked nonstop on the accounts of Clare’s father’s ailing business, saving it from the brink of bankruptcy, despite still being jet-lagged from his trip back from building houses in Haiti for impoverished families.

“It’s weird and amazing all at the same time, he’s so kind and he was talking about the future, moving in together, he’s, like, the one,” Clare added while neglecting to mention David was even okay with naming their first born child Beyoncé, regardless of the child’s gender.

Additionally, reports suggest that David, unlike 99% of accountants around the world, can actually tell amusing anecdotes about his job.

WWN understands that David will reconnect with his ex-girlfriend Aoife during the days and weeks, Clare ignores his text, after giving it much thought David will accept Aoife’s proposal of marriage.