John Grisham’s New Novel To Be About Novelist Who Ruined His Own Career


john grisham

FOLLOWING on from recent comments regarding harsh sentencing for people caught in possession of child abuse images, John Grisham has announced his next novel will be called ‘Ruined’ and involve the intriguing tale of a novelist sabotaging his own career.

Fans of the hugely popular author were expecting his recent comments to be made clearer in the final act with a revelation about his family being held at gunpoint and how he was forced to make the ignorant and uninformed declaration. However, the expected twist in the story has yet to materialise.

Publishers of Grisham’s new book ‘Ruined’ have outlined the plot which involves a wealthy author making off the cuff and wildly damaging proclamations about the scourge that is child abuse images circulated online by paedophiles.

The protagonist of ‘Ruined’, also named John Grisham, had enjoyed much of his career on the New York Times bestsellers list only to commit career suicide by trying to justify the motives of those seeking out images of child abuse online.

In the book, Grisham gives an interview with The Daily Telegraph and while acknowledging the US justice system’s draconian sentencing laws for drugs offences, the flat, one-dimensional character tries to plead the case for lighter sentencing on child abuse image offences.

Making the distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ viewers and distributors of such images, the novel’s ‘hero’ is laughed out of the publishing world and isolated to the point of obscurity despite trying to better clarify his unthinking and deplorable comments.

Early reviews for the book have been incredibly negative, citing ‘wholly unbelievable plot’, ‘cowardly and bizarre lead character’ and ‘the author’s research on the subject didn’t even reach as far as Wikipedia’.