More People Refusing To Die Due To High Funeral Costs



FOLLOWING on from comments made by Tanaiste Joan Burton last week about the rising costs of funerals in Dublin comes some disturbing news.

WWN can exclusively report that many Irish people are simply refusing the die due to the high costs associated with dying and subsequently being buried in Dublin.

When at death’s door, a concern for many people can be that they will leave a substantial bill for their loved ones or could even be faced with the troubling reality that they do not have enough money or savings to ensure they receive a dignified burial.

“Ah, listen I would pop the clogs, but Deirdre, my wife wouldn’t be able to give me a decent funeral, the financial pressure is too much for us, so I’m going to hang on in for a bit,” Martin Drury told WWN from the comfort of a stretcher in an ambulance shortly after he suffered a fatal heart attack.

“I should be dead right now by all accounts, but the fucking price of caskets and all that, I can’t leave that hanging over Deirdre,” added the 68-year-old Dubliner who was living off a very modest pension which barely covered the basics.

More people are looking into more modest and cost effective ways to bury their dead, but even the most basic urn can be very expensive.

“I’ve told the kids not to fuss and we’ve looked into alternatives,” terminally ill father-of-three Richard Cooper told WWN, “the most basic urns and cremations cost a fucking fortune so the kids have agreed to do it in the back garden themselves once I’m gone and just brush me into a cardboard box but I’ll only do that when the price of cardboard drops a bit”.

Cooper went on to insist he will not take being forced into tough decisions like this to his grave. “Can’t afford a fucking plot in fairness. I may have been priced out the chance have some dignity in death, but look it – we’ll make the most it, surely I’ll scribble my name on a box and everything just so no one chucks me in the bin by mistake”.