Taxi Driver Complaints About Complaints Up 300%



TAXI drivers have responded angrily to news that complaints made about drivers to the National Transport Authority are up 97% from last year.

A number of complaints referred to bad odour, fare disputes and one instance where a driver refused to take a guide dog on board.

In retaliation Taxi drivers responded by lodging 400,000 complaints inside of one hour this morning, up as much as 300% from figures dating back to midday yesterday.

“Some people just love to fucking moan you know that,” said taxi driver Eamon Hurley before explaining why the slight pain in his right knee, that’s been there now for about 15 years or so, is the Government’s fault.

Taxi drivers have of course suffered in recent years in the eyes of public as despite having an answer to everything they staunchly refused to fix all the country’s problems despite knowing what is best.

“Where’s the public body I can complain to about complaints?” Sean Hickey, a Dublin taxi driver pondered. “I’m not normally someone who would to give out and that but you know it’s the fault of all the immigrants, isn’t it?” Sean added seemingly unsure as to what he himself was implying.

“I took a fare there last week from an elderly lady, and she wanted a lift to the post office, the cheeky bitch – it’s only down the road,” explained another taxi driver Noel Mangan, “she wanted to round the fare down from 10 euro 5 cent to 10 euro, obviously I rang the Guards, but sure as you well know they’re no fucking use so I…” It was at this point WWN fled to scene to protect itself from the full force of 30 years of pent up resentment of any and all things that were not Noel Mangan, taxi driver.

It is thought all taxi drivers will take the feedback arising from the 97% increase in complaints quite well.