Woman Outraged At iCloud Hack Spends Day Looking At Invasive Photos Of Celebrities On The Daily Mail



CORK Woman Deborah Kearns will spend the day browsing the Daily Mail online just days after confessing she was ‘disgusted’ and ‘sickened’ by the ‘scum’ that hacked famous people’s devices to obtain pictures of them.

The criminal act is now being pursued by the FBI in America, but the widespread disgust at the incident shows no signs of subsiding.

“They are fucking scum, how could you invade their privacy like that?” Deborah said as she clicked on a Daily Mail article which displayed photos of model Daisy Lowe leaving a nightclub. The office worker skimmed through several photos of the 25-year-old woman that were taken by paparazzi who waited outside a London nightclub for several hours in an effort to pursue her in her time away from modelling.

Of particular interest to Deborah was a photo which showed Lowe’s pantsuit ripped with the Daily Mail circling it just in case anyone failed to spot the ripped area around the crotch which was now struggling to cover the young’s woman vagina.

Deborah, however showed little concern for the welfare of singer Ellie Goulding as she was followed by a strange throng of men taking her photos as she walked down a street near the location of her new, private residence in London. The mother-of-one considered this to be just the right amount of acceptable invasion into someone’s life and found easy to excuse the stalking.

“And don’t get me started on those creeps who looked at the photos online,” Deborah shared with friends not long after scanning through photos taken via a long lens camera of How I Met Your Mother actress Alyson Hannigan and her two young children as they tried to eat dinner.

“You just can’t do that to someone when they’re so vulnerable and helpless,” she added while looking at the latest in over 1,000 articles on the Daily Mail site that mention 1-year-old child of celebrity Kim Kardashian, North West.

Deborah’s outrage at the hacked photos was rightly reflected by much of the tabloid and broadsheet media who denounced the men seeking to view the hacked photos online.

In a brave and unprecedented measure journalists descended on websites such as Reddit and 4chan closely monitoring them in order to click on and verify any more naked photographs were they to surface while simultaneously writing that the photos should not be viewed.

In an appropriate act of journalistic integrity, the media refrained from reproducing the images, instead choosing to describe them in great detail.

The Daily Mail’s online revenue has soared in recent years as it continues to be first to every invasive photo which violates the privacy of many famous people while simultaneously seeking to dispel the widely held myth that people should feel confident about themselves and their bodies.