World Thrown Into Chaos As Magician Found Not To Be Using ‘Magic’


FANS of popular magician Dynamo have expressed their shock and anger following the controversy surrounding the magician’s latest stunt.

Dynamo caused a media stir yesterday when reports emerged that he was seen floating above London skyscraper, the Shard. On closer inspection, it turned out that the magician had not used actual real magic, but had instead used a series of secure cables to give the illusion he was floating above the largest building in Europe.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore,” shared a former avid Dynamo fan and eye witness to the event, Davy Hennigan, “like if he isn’t using real magic anymore who the fuck else is lying to me about stuff?”

Such was the furore provoked by Dynamo’s blatant non-magical magic trick, many people online began to seriously question many other elements of modern society thus bringing the world closer to all out chaos.

“Does this mean that, like, just because Obama has his picture taken with Jay Z it doesn’t mean he is well good at politics,” mused Twitter user Ilove69allthetime.

Reports soon flooded in to newsrooms around the world detailing other chaotic events resulting from Dynamo’s betrayal.

Hundreds of Subway outlets were burned to the ground when a crowd armed with measuring tapes discovered the company’s trademark 12 inch subs were several millimetres short of 12 inches.

There was outrage to when football fans raided several sports shops after they discovered football jerseys selling for €90 that are essentially the same as €15 training tops except they have an iron on crest on them.

“We’re living in a world of lies and my eyes would have remained shut were it not for the discovery that the magician Dynamo doesn’t actually do real magic or anything,” added newly awoken member of the public Lorna Davies.

With the chaos set to continue for a few weeks many speculate that the revelations will bring about the collapse of modern society as we know it or see Dynamo lose close to 367 Twitter followers.