Dublin Horse Show Controversy As Horse Banned For Twerking In Dressage Event



THE world of dressage has been thrown into chaos following a controversial display at the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS.

With the equestrian festivities getting underway today, many horse fans were looking forward to several days of high level competition.

Dressage, which is known as ‘the highest expression of horse training’, sees its reputation lie in tatters following a particularly ghastly incident.

“The idea that someone would seek to eroticise these beautiful, powerful and seductive creatures, is beyond disgraceful,” shared Sheena Doyle, member of the organising committee as she openly drooled.

The controversy surrounds a dressage routine which saw the Saudi-owned horse Sweet Embrace begin twerking with the introduction of the song ‘Pussy Too Hot’ by Dirty Nasty.

“Members of the crowd begin vomiting, it was an unsightly mess,” shared horse-twerk witness Hilary Walton, “sure twerking seems fine and dandy when a 7-year-old does it but a horse? God’s little carriage pullers, no, that is just wrong”.

“This incident would make us rethink the whole freestyle element of the dressage that we implemented only last year,” added Sheena Doyle, “at its best you get things like horse painting but at its worse, well, I’m you saw how provocative and sensual that horses arse muscles were”.

It is thought more horses and riders will incorporate twerking into their routines as, despite the protests, judges awarded that segment of Sweet Embrace’s routine 95. The highest a judge can award is actually 10.