Laptop Installing Updates Out Of Nowhere Ruins Dublin Lad’s Day



DUBLIN man James Delaney, has confirmed his day is now ‘feckin’ ruined’ following his laptop’s decision to start 78 separate updates out of the blue.

“Ah for fuck sake, I just went to the toilet for like two minutes. I came back and now it’s updating and installing all this fucking shit, restarting every five bloody minutes,” shared the distressed self-employed IT consultant.

It is believed Delaney, using Windows Vista, was absent from his desk when a pop up asking if he wanted to install ‘important updates’ on his computer appeared.

Failure to click ‘postpone’ for yet another 4 hours results in the laptop automatically updating various programs. The tragic poor timing on Delaney’s part means he will have to patiently waited for the updates to finish before he can once again do important.

Delaney’s earlier claims of only spending two minutes on the toilet were proven untrue as WWN can exclusively reveal the ‘important updates’ pop up stays on screen for as many as 10 minutes.

“Okay, so it was a tough slog, but that’s not the point. Christ! No, no no,” Delaney screeched upon seeing the words ‘installing one of 78 updates’ on his screen.

The average laptop is believed to update out of the blue with little or no warning as many as 10 times during its lifespan, meaning Delaney is not alone is being left powerless as something called ‘Window’s Defender’ needs to be updated.

“Once this fucker is finished ruining my day I think I’ll type ‘where to buy a MacBook’ into Google just so it gets to the message. I’ll show it who’s in charge here, I ain’t playing, no more of this bullshit,” added a tired and emotional Delaney.