Adults Book Holidays As Annual Leaving Cert Weather Approaches



Following on from confirmation by Met Eireann earlier today that Ireland has entered its official ‘Leaving Cert Weather’ period thousands of adults are booking getaways and days off to coincide with the guaranteed good weather.

“There is no logical answer to it but regardless of the larger meteorological circumstances, each year Ireland experiences fantastic weather in the build up to and duration of the leaving certificate exams,” shared Met Eireann official Colin Hand.

The build up to the leaving cert represents a seismic change in the pace of life in Ireland with many practices and attitudes coming to the fore that often remain dormant for the rest of the year.

“Well, I tell you this much, the washing goes out on the line and I can actually leave the house without feeling a crippling fear it’ll lash rain at any moment,” shared housewife and mother-of-two Sheena Doran.

3 in 4 Irish men develop shirtaphobia, a well documented fear of wearing a shirt meaning 75% of adult Irish men are left with little option but to parade around topless during the unseasonably good weather.

“It is our very own Bermuda triangle so to speak and we get a real kick out of it in the office. Hurricanes literally evaporate into nothing to make way for a good solid 20 degree day,” added meteorologist Hand while putting on shorts and shades.

Hotels throughout Ireland have seen bookings increase by 84% on a week by week basis in the lead up to the start of the exams on the 4th of June.

“We find people place great faith in the idea that while 17 and 18-year-olds suffer mild breakdowns due to heavy study the weather will in fact resemble the height of summer in sub-Saharan Africa,” explained travel agent Yvonne Scanlan.

However, it is not all good news as some businesses suffer as a result of the good weather. “My entire workforce are either on holiday or will call in sick. It’s got to the point where I don’t even bother pretending it’ll change so I bring in temps for about 3 weeks. We lose about €150,000 in potential earnings,” shared business owner Matty Ennis.

“Ah sure we don’t open at all,” shared retailer Brian Summerville, “Jaysus, you can’t get any work done in that heat. Are ye mad? We shut down the shop for about 6 weeks. I’ll never forget we were open at midday in 2006 and sure didn’t Tracy working behind the tills collapse. She died. Right there. In the middle of the shop. Fierce heat in that Sun.”